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Salad Dressing

It may be news to you that Stripling's has expanded its line of food products and has made a notable foray into the realm of salad dressings. We regard such epicurean endeavors just as seriously as we regard producing our award-winning sausages, meats, and other gourmet food items. So we're hoping that our artisanal-quality salad dressings will find their way into your shopping cart and then onto your table.

Since we are proudly a Georgia-based company, we took the liberty of imbibing more than half of our salad dressing line-up with that unmistakable authentic Vidalia Onion. Vidalia onions are an unusually sweet variety of onion, grown only within certain Georgia counties. And, our other stand-alone dressings include such customer favorites as Ranch Lover's, Georgia Peach, and Blackberry Walnut, to name a few. We hope that you enjoy getting acquainted with all of them!

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