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We’re very proud of Stripling’s jellies and jams; let’s make that clear from the start. But Stripling’s preserves make us so proud (and excited) that we want to go out and do something really unheard of like passing out samples to complete strangers in the post office lobby.

How could you not get crazy-excited when you have something (which the whole population needs to know about) that comes in such enticing flavors such as fig preserves, muscadine preserves, and raspberry preserves, to name just a few?

Preserves, by the way, are very similar to jams, but they have larger pieces of fruit. Often, preserves are made with whole fruit if it’s small enough, such as the case with strawberries or blueberries. A clear, slightly gelled syrup is added to the fruit, enabling it to easily glide right onto your bread, biscuit, cake, or whatever item that you have chosen to christen.

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