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Stripling's jellies are made with the finest fruits and natural ingredients. With at least 8 different flavors to choose from (including Stripling’s Wild Blueberry Jelly, Stripling’s Wild Mayhaw Jelly, and Stripling’s Hot Pepper Jelly), you could try 1 each day – and 2 on Sunday – before you start all over again.

It’s probably worth mentioning that in the do-it-yourself society in which we all live, some people would think that they could just roll up their sleeves and make their own jelly...Well you could but we can't promise you it will be as tasty as ours. These jellies are full of good times, good stories and good ole' southern traditions.

So just trot back to the store and return all that canning equipment you purchased. You’ll thank yourself – and us – when you can simply sit down and open a fabulous jar of Stripling’s jelly. Enjoy!

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