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Stripling's has a stunning line-up of jams suitable for all the many jam fans out there, including Stripling's Apple Jam, Stripling's Peach Jam, and Stripling's Strawberry Jam, just to name a few.

When we hear the word 'jam', we immediately think of The Sound of Music and Julie Andrews as she dances around teaching the Von Trapp children of Austria their singing scales. When she gets to the part about "Tea: A drink with jam and bread," you get a cheery image of the definite comfort food that jam must be.

In real life in Britain during World War II, jam was one of the items that was rationed heavily and therefore became a must–sought-after culinary delicacy.

We like to think of our jams as a delicacy themselves (even though there isn't any rationing going on and we let you buy as many jars as you like). Our jams are made by cooking crushed fruit along with juice, and the end result is a thick, sweet spread with enticing fruit bits.

When you eat our jams—alone or in a crowd—we think it's perfectly acceptable to burst into song just like Julie Andrews.

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