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Fruit Butters

Stripling’s Fruit Butters are sweet spreads made by cooking fruit pulp along with sugar which yields a thick, creamy paste-like texture. Spices are typically added, and unlike jams, jellies, or preserves, fruit butters are not gelled.

We offer three sumptuous varieties, and they cover the range of taste palates: Stripling’s Apple Butter, Stripling’s Peach Butter, and Stripling’s Sweet Potato Butter.

Although fruit butter does not actually contain dairy like real butter does, we still love this quote not only because of Mrs. Child’s approach to cooking, but also because our fruit butters have a consistency that’s very similar to butter itself.

“If you’re afraid of butter, just use cream.” – Julia Child

So the next time you consider putting mere butter on that piece of bread, toast, or bagel, reach for our fruit butter instead!

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