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For any occasion throughout the year, food is always an appropriate gift. Whether the recipient is a friend, family member, business associate, client, employee, or other individual who holds merit to you, food is a fabulous way to show appreciation, congratulations, or just let them know that you have them in mind.

Especially at the holidays, when gift-giving can be wrought with indecision, Stripling's Gift Boxes are ideal. Not only are you not required to do the cooking, but our gift boxes have been specially selected and are grouped according to items that somehow perfectly fit various personalities of the people we all know:

  • Those who love a hearty breakfast,
  • Those who are meat eaters,
  • Those who adore gourmet jellies, syrups, jams, and preserves,
  • Those who are sweet junkies,
  • Those who like to grill out,
  • Those who like to jazz up their recipes with sauces, pickles, dressings, and seasonings.

And the list goes on...Stripling's Gift Boxes fit people from all walks of life. Better yet, they can enjoy their special treats alone, or share them with drop-in company and other guests as they celebrate the holidays.

Stripling's presentation is superb: Our Gift Boxes* are assembled with care and an intent to immediately impress!

So don't think twice about what to give; everything is easier with Stripling's Gift Boxes!

*Our Gift Boxes can be customized to fit your budget and/or ideas. We can also personalize them by including business or holiday cards. Gift Baskets are available at retail locations only. Additional costs may apply for any modifications.

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