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Old Fashioned Hoop Cheese

Ranking high on the list of most-reached for comfort foods these days is Stripling’s Old Fashioned Hoop Cheese. It’s already become an obsession for many of our customers, and they see it as a pantry necessity. When their stash of hoop cheese starts to dwindle, they get nervous and start thinking about calling us to place another rush order.

The ‘hoop’ refers to the shaping molds used in the cheese making process. In the American Southeast, hoop cheese is considered a hard cheese; it comes in either wedges or large twenty-pound wheels; and it is covered in either red or black rind. Red rind is a mild cheese, whereas black rind is a sharp cheese. The pronounced, slightly salty taste of hoop cheese makes it ideal for flavoring or finishing cooked dishes or just simply snacking.

Stripling’s Old Fashioned Hoop Cheese hails from the state of Wisconsin. Yes, we’re aware that the locale is quite far from these parts, but the Wisconsin cheese industry has an illustrious heritage of more than 160 years of superiority and expertise. Wisconsin cheeses win more awards than any other state or country. With this kind of track record, we’ll leave the cheese making to our Wisconsin comrades, and we’ll handle the sausage making!

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