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Mail Order Sausage

Mail Order SausageStripling’s began as a small, family owned business over forty years ago. Our business has now expanded greatly, and we offer a whole range of mail order sausages, cheeses, beef jerky, and much more. Our fresh, handmade sausages was what the foundation of our business was built on. Even though we have expanded greatly over the years, our sausage recipes and methods are exactly the same as they were forty-five years ago. Our commitment to only use fresh ingredients and our high standards of quality are the main reasons why our sausage has been so successful.

We Carry Mail Order Sausages At Striplings

To make our sausages we only use fresh hog meat. We then combine it with a variety of different spices in order to create an unforgettable flavor. The meat is then held in natural hog casings. We guarantee that all of our mail order sausages will come to you 100% fresh. We provide a quick and efficient way for you to order as much sausage as you would like online. Anyone who appreciates high quality sausage will be able to taste the difference between our product and when you buy sausage sold at the supermarket. Instead of focusing on how much sausage we can make at one time we instead focus on making the taste and texture of each batch of sausage as good as possible.

There is truly no comparison to Stripling’s mail order sausages. Our sausages range from mild to hot so that they can accommodate all different kinds of taste preferences. Whether you choose to indulge in our hot smoked links or our tasty sausage dogs, we are pretty sure you won’t be able to stop after the first bite. Once our customers try Stripling’s sausage for the first time, it’s not long before they come back wanting more. Despite our high volume of orders, each one of our customers are our top priority, and we will make sure that quantity never comes before quality.